Sideline Camera

Fully Stabilized and Interview-Ready,

SailTracks waterproofed stabilised sideline camera is the best bang-for-the-buck alternative to film-industry equipment (like Cineflex or Shotover) that are extremely expensive.

It also allows on-water interviews to capture the competitors’ emotions on the spot.

SailTracks onboard cameras during the 2019 Nordstream RaceSailTracks onboard cameras during the 2019 Nordstream Race

Onboard Cameras

At less than 250g our cameras capture the excitement of sailing without any impact on a sailor’s race performance. Images arrive in the studio with sub-second delay at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Drone Camera

Drone images are the best way to gain an overview on the fleet, but they can be very costly. We have solved all the transmission degradation issues that commonly affect drone footage and we deliver this element in a reliable way as part of our base package.

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