Marketing & Distribution

VNR Production and Distribution

Increase your reach by providing Video Newsreels to local and international TV stations. We can provide you with everything you need, including the distribution of the VNR content.

We work with worldwide content distribution agencies like Eurovision, Reuters, Enex or Omnisport and have partners with excellent contacts to tv stations and sports broadcasters. The German Sailing League on "buten un binnen"

Live & Highlight Video Distribution

The core distribution for the live stream will utilize the social media channels of ClubSwan, Nautors Swan and other related channels e.g. hosting clubs, sponsors, teams and Konzeptwerft (SailTracks, Nord Stream Race, Sailing Champions League, German Sailing League).

Additionally we have access to about 4.500 sports and sailing related contacts to spread the word.

International PR Campaigning

Get the visibility of your content for journalists, the media and users. We publish your press releases, images and videos on exclusive channels and deliver your content to editors.

Our international services provide access to news agencies, journalists and media platforms around the world.

Support Sponsoring / Marketing

 We have the necessary skills and abilities you need to make a lasting impression in the world of sport. Among other things, this includes the targeted selection of sponsoring platforms taking into account existing communication modules and the negotiation of performance-optimized sponsoring contracts. We create integrated activation concepts for you with the inclusion of possible sales potential and implement them.

Sailing Experience

for customers or employees

An experience that money can’t buy

Sailing regatta in league format with professional sailors.

Highlight event for special customers, winners of lotteries, employees, management, etc. Excite customers by using your Sailing Event platform and increase acceptance, image, sale, etc. among your target group

The Package:

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