Tracking & SAP Sailing Analytics

All our productions rely on GPS Tracking for all boats and course marks, plus wind readings from at least two locations on the racecourse. This data is the basis for the proper portrayal of any sailing event. 

No other production company offers this service at comparable quality or price. We provide a one-stop-shop approach so that you can concentrate on delivering the event to the competitors, whilst we focus on revealing the story behind the pretty pictures. 

SailTracks makes Sailing easy to understand by using the SAP Sailing Analytics.

Live Leaderboard and Minimap

Up-to-date live leaderboards are such a basic requirement, yet they are still a rarity in the world of sailing. The SAP Sailing Analytics deliver the only reliable wind-based sailing leaderboard in the market.

Debrief Skipper / Tacticians

Professionell and detailed analysis with our sailing expert after the races to recap all important moments of the day. By using the SAP Sailing Analytics you will be able to dive deep into the performance details of the competing boats. Either one-by-one or group sessions are possible.

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